What Are Vaporizer Cigs?

Many people are starting to confuse a vaporizer cigarette with ecigs because they both provide an alternative method to delivering nicotine to your body.  But they are different from one another.

Today, we are going to tell you want vaporizer cigs are.


A vaporizer cigarette needs to be charged just like electronic cigs.  With a vaporizer cig, you heat up tobacco and it bring the nicotine to you in a vaporize form.  So unlike e cigs there is no nicotine liquid used that is then vaporized to a smokeless vapor.

A vaporizer is much bigger than a regular cigarette.  It does not even resemble a cigarette.  It is usually a method device that looks more like a flashlight then a cig.

Using a vaporizer cigarette can be somewhat loud.  They can be heavy and hard to carry around.  Hence they are not very mobile compared to an electronic cig.

However, cigarette vaporize are flavored by many people because they taste more like smoking a real cigarette because it is vaporizing tobacco and not a nicotine liquid.

So there you have it.